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Weekend Recap: Baking Marathon

Wow, what a weekend.

Aside from seeing both Sherlock Holmes Book of Shadows and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol in the theater (they were both fantastic btw), I essentially was doing a little bit of this for the whole two days.

I had a LOT of baking to get done and decided to just do it all in one big major haul.

So, here you go – what came out of my kitchen this weekend.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies – recipe here

Cherry Shortbread – recipe here

Peppermint Bark – didn’t really follow a recipe ;) dark chocolate layer topped with a white chocolate + peppermint extract + crushed candy cane layer

German Chocolate Cookies – recipe here (I subbed apple sauce instead of corn syrup = holy awesome)

Eggnog Biscotti – recipe here

Soft Gingerbread Men – recipe here (low fat!!)

One 30-Day Shred workout, one big grocery shopping trip, 2 movies, and 8 hours in the kitchen resulted in a heck of a lot of delicious sweets. ;)

It was a baking marathon, but boy am I ever glad that I got it all done.  Come on Christmas! I’m ready to relax.

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